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P r o g r a m m e s


Viola Reflections (60')

At the beginning of the 20th century, English music was flourishing in the emotionalism of Romanticism, evolving through an amazing new freedom of form, towards the suggestions of Impressionist reverie. This programme - rarely played for many years- brings out four Chamber Music works where all the richness of the viola can be heard.

 - Frank Bridge : Allegro appassionato for Viola and Piano 

 - Arnold Bax : Sonata for Viola and Piano 



 - Benjamin Britten : Lachrymae, reflections on a song of J.Dowland, for Viola and Piano 

 - Frank Bridge : Pensiero for Viola and Piano


Romantic Viola (60')


Violist Manuel Vioque Judde carries us to the heart of German musical romanticism. In a 19thcentury when the thoughts of a handful of solitary dreamers were wandering about Europe, the freedom granted to imagination- beautifully named “Phantazie” in Germany- brought new perspectives.

 - Johannes Brahms sonate opus 120 n°2            

 - Robert Schumann Märchenbilder opus 113    



 - Franz Schubert Sonata Arpeggione D821        

 - Johannes Brahms Sonata FAE, Scherzo          


Viola without borders, travel diary (60')

In this programme leading one to travel from one continent to another regardless of borders, one will appreciate the unpublished transcriptions for viola and piano, where the warm lyricism of the viola is beautifully highlighted by the mesmerizing rhythmics of the piano.

  - G. Ligeti  Sonata for viola solo

  - Nikolaï Miaskovsky  Sonata n°1 (original transcription)

  - Gabriel Fauré  Pavane (original transcription)



  - Alberto Ginastera Pampeana n°2 (original transcription)

  - Toru Takemitsu  A string around autumn for Viola and Piano

  - Astor Piazzolla Le Grand Tango  (transcription)

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